Workers' Compensation

John B. Delaney has been handling Virginia Workers' Compensation cases for over 35-years. Since Delaney, McCarthy & Colton was formed in 1993, Mr. Delaney has limited his practice to workers' compensation claims and some personal injury claims.

The initial consultation with an injured claimant is free. This consultation usually begins with a telephone interview to discuss the nature and extent of the various issues to include whether or not it is necessary for a personal [person to person] interview. The first meeting involves a review of various documents, medical reports and correspondence from the insurance company. At this meeting there is a discussion of the claimant's rights and remedies as well as attorney's fees and costs. Most cases are undertaken on a contingency fee basis, with the understanding that the attorney's fee must be approved by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission.

On occasion a worker's compensation claim may also involve a personal injury claim for the same accident. This situation usually involves an automobile accident that occurred during the course of the worker's employment. Our office works with other lawyers on some of these claims where we will protect the worker's compensation claim for the worker in conjunction with the previously retained lawyer who will represent the client in the personal injury claim. If requested we can represent the injured worker concerning both the worker's compensation and personal injury claims. If more than one law firm is involved in these types of claims there is usually no additional cost to the claimant. Again, the initial consultation is free. We welcome consultations with other lawyers.

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